Arrowhead Commercial Tires in AZ

We Have A Large Inventory Of Commercial Truck Tires

Because we have a large inventory of commercial products, you’ll never be stuck settling for tires you don’t want. Arrowhead Tire Co. always delivers high-quality, low-cost tires for all your commercial needs.
Arrowhead Tire specializes in Commercial Tires in AZ industry. We have a fleet of service trucks standing by to take care of emergency road calls or calls to your place of business. We take pride in providing fast and friendly service at competitive pricing.
We specialize in fleet management and can help you create a tire service and monitoring program to reduce costs and downtime.

We offer wheel and tire balancing for commercial vehicles, RV’s, travel trailers, cars and light trucks

Commercial Tires in AZ

Industrial foam filling

We inventory a large array of tires for forklifts, skid steers, medium trucks, motorhomes, RV’s, trailers, and ATV’s

We have a wide array of retreads in stock for commercial vehicles and can retread your own casings

We offer at home installation for RV tires, motorhome tires and travel trailers
Brands carried:  Bridgestone | Firestone | Toyo | Goodyear | Dunlop | Hercules
Samson | Solideal
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Commerical, Construction, Rv, and Specialty Tires. 

Service programs for all your business needs.